Rise Up

Desiree Carrillo from The House Modesto in Modesto, CA brings us this great use of marquee-style lettering and LED tape.

After getting the graphic for their conference, they decided to go with a theme of light and angles. Desiree decided to do some research and she came across the post “Chevron? More Like Chevright!” on CSDI and loved how they incorporated the chevrons. She decided she wanted to do the same thing but instead flip them so the arrows pointed up, as if to “rise” up from the bottom. She also had this idea of doing a “light wall”. She had seen many posts about how different churches had done them, so she just decided to come up with her own way using collective resources. The RISE letters were the same ones from their conference last year, but instead this year’s theme colors were blue and green so she decided to spray paint the old red letters a lime green so that they would “pop” more.

For the chevrons, they framed them out and used metal sheeting. They decided to try this instead of masonite because they thought they would get a better reflection with the LED tape. Unfortunately, the metal was too reflective and instead didn’t hold any of the light in or spread it like they had hoped. They ended up painting the metal sheeting in a eggshell white. The chevrons were very lightweight and easy to move around which made it convenient for transporting. Also, unlike “Chevron: More Like Chevright!” Desiree decided to use two strands per chevron instead of one because she wanted them to really pack a punch of color (this also brought the cost of the LED’s up). For the 45deg angles, they ended up repurposing some old wood they had from a previous project. Looking back now, Desiree believes crown molding (as seen in the other post) probably would have been way easier than creating their own. Lastly, they built a basic box frame for the chevrons using 2×4’s and then attached eye bolts and suspended them above the stage.

This entire stage design: light stands, light bulbs, work lights (for the light wall), LED tape (w/ decoders and PSU’s), lumber, and paint cost them about $5,500.

All of the LED tape, accessories, and DMX decoder were purchased from Amazon.

Check out her portfolio for some more pics and vids: http://www.lightingdezigns.carbonmade.com

Chev1 Chev2 Chev3 Default Gobo LEDs LEDs2 Letters1 Letters2 LightWall1 Purple_Teal Red_White

6 responses to Rise Up

  1. Desiree,

    I love the design! Great work. I particularly like the depth you have with the Cheverons, gives you great unquie looks from all parts of the room. Keep up the great work for Christ!


  2. Love seeing CMG motion backgrounds being used from CMG Mega Packs.

  3. Barbara Paredez August 31, 2015 at 7:34 pm

    Desire you did a amaze job. It makes me want to go The House of Modesto. Hugs and love to you. The House of Modesto has been bless to have you on board. Praise the Lord with the beautiful, amazing, creativity and hardworking you and the crew are awesome

  4. Desiree,
    Love, love love!! You are so creative!!! Just have always loved the way you have designed our stage, it always looks so amazing!! I love the fact that we’re still using the chevrons and lightwall even after the conference!! God bless you with all that you do!! Much love to you from The House Modesto!

  5. How did you light the boxes below the drummer? I like the conventional circle look!

    • Hey Tyler,

      Basically we just took some left over sheets of plywood and marked out where each light would go. We used the light part as our template and basically made a spacer to determine how much space we wanted in between in light. Then after cutting out the circles I painted the entire piece of plywood black. I then took just the tin circle of work lights and silicone glued them in place. I left the plywood face down for a day so that the tin could set. After that once we transported them to the church, we made basic wood “L” brackets on the backs of the plywood sheets, attached the lamp base of the work lights, plugged them into power strips in groups (then we ran them to the dimmers on the floor so that we could control them from the console) and voila! Oh and I bought 60w lamps for each light. I figured 60w was nice enough to give it a glow but bright enough that people would need their sunglasses, and essentially not too much overkill/crowd abuse :)

      Oh and I believe our lights were Bayco 8.5″ Clamp Lights

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