Reclaimed Christmas Stage

Anthony Foster from Grace Church in Camas, WA brings us these Christmas trees made from reclaimed wood.

They needed some interesting props for their Christmas program. Their stage designer thought of building trees with reclaimed wood. So they spent about $350 on reclaimed wood and hardware. They wired lightbulbs to the reclaimed wood trees to look like Christmas lights.

They liked the look so much that they changed the name of their Christmas series to “Reclaimed”.

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48 responses to Reclaimed Christmas Stage

  1. Love the idea – the reclaimed look is definitely a hit in the Pacific Northwest and a great feel. Would be cool to see a photo of what the stage looked like with the trees themselves lit and how those elements appeared in action if you have any. Am just up the road from you guys in Vancouver – excited for what you’re doing in Camas!

  2. where can I find those lights?????

  3. What is the size progression of the wood slats on the trees? 2-3 inch difference in lengths? and where did you find the wood?

    • I bought the wood at habitat for humanity. I got lucky cause they had exactly what i needed. I’m not sure the progression. I attached every board with an idea of length but not exact. I then tied a string from the outer edge of the top board and ran it down all the way to the edge of the bottom board. Then made my cuts. Email me if that doesn’t make sense an I’ll explain it better.

      • Anthony, we’re looking at doing something similar this year. LOVE the wooden slat trees. I wanted to see if I could get some more information about those to help the folks who will be working on them. My email is kmckelvy-at-fellowshipconway-dot-org. Thank you!

        • so sorry i didn’t see your email! For some reason I didn’t get a notice email when you left your post about my stage design. If it’s not too late me know if i can help in anyway.

  4. Anthony -I would love to do something similar this year. Can you provide any other photos?

  5. I’ve been asked to do something similar at our Church; could you give me an idea of the design of the cantilevered base and did you use sand bags to stabilize? I saw the picture of the bottom of the base with casters but am interested in seeing the top of base and back side of the tree. Thank you,

  6. Hi! I’m planning on doing something similar at my church! Would love to see more pictures and get more info on size/dimensions… itohan.aghayere(at)

  7. WE are also planning to build these trees for our church and would like more detail on the base from the back side, top etc. What are the heights of the tallest trees ? Also more pictures wouls help if possible, would like to see the “trunk” how it is constructed.
    Thanks for any info you could send me.

  8. Beautiful work. I was wondering if you had a diagonal support running up the back of the tree from the back of the base or did you just have the vertical piece of wood? Thanks for your help.

  9. Hey! I also love this design!!! Could you send me some more pictures too? You can reach me at Thanks so much!

  10. Thanks for the great idea, I have a group of guys coming ready to make these, any more info on the design side would be very helpful. Thanks

  11. Hello, I loved your idea of the trees. Could you please send more pics so I can see the final look on stage. Thank you so very much!

  12. love these!! Would love more pics too, particularly of the base. We have made some similar but don’t know how to make them stand up!

  13. Contact me about trees and stands

  14. would you send me more pics & any additional info that might be helpful. Really liking this idea for this year! Thanks

  15. Could you please email me photos to help me recreate this design?

  16. I would love to have picture of the completed stage as well.
    Thank you…love this look!

  17. Hi Anthony, could you please email me pictures-diagrams-instructions of how you built these wonderful designs. Thank you.

  18. We are interested in making the similar trees. Would you email us the diagrams as well? Thank you!

  19. Thank you for sharing this. It is great. Could you please send me more pics as well. Thank you, much appreciated.

  20. Great work Anthony. I plan to do something like this for this Christmas. Please can you send me more pictures. My email address is

  21. Looks great Anthony! We’re looking towards doing something similar to this at our church this Christmas. Please email me pics/instructions/dimensions to Thanks!

  22. Would love to create this for our program this year if you could send some additional info or pics on the design that would be helpful. Thank you

  23. Hello would love to have this info as well.

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