Real Wood Backings

Matt Ehresman from First MB Church in Wichita, KS brings us these real wood texture panels for their set design.

They wanted a basic fall look that matched the other wood they have throughout their Worship Center. They went with five wooden panels (two at 12 feet tall, two at eight feet tall, and the center one at four feet tall). The cross in the middle has been in that space since they opened their Worship Center and they wanted to design around it.

The panels were strips of wood flooring that came in four-foot strips. They bought two different colors of the same paneling to stagger, and they attached some to the front of the brace with some on the back side of the brace, allowing for a bit of color variety with their lights on. They put everything on wheels since the space was also used for funerals and weddings.

In their space we have blue curtains on the left and right side of the stage that they light with LEDs from the top. They threw one color on the curtains during the worship time and changed it to a complimentary color during the sermon. They have two screens to the left and right of the stage as well where they project lyrics and sermon slides through ProPresenter.

They spent $320.93 on the 1x4s, 2x4s, and wood panel strips. They already had the wheels and slabs of plywood from previous projects.

Luke_12ft_back Ryan_SmallPanel_Front SetDesign1 SetDesign2 SetDesign3 Small_Panel_Front

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  1. wow this is beautiful….. it’s so amazing…. I love this site u guys r doing a nice job here…….

  2. wow this is so so amazing ,so beautiful I love it u guys r doing a gud job here God bless…………………..

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