Raising the Bar Inverted

This design, reminiscent of an inverted Raising the Bar, is brought to us by Jerry West.

This design was accomplished completely with white Coroplast. There were pieces around the drum platform and pieces hung down from the rear truss. The Coroplast sheets were hung with fishing line. Total cost of coroplast was $72. Simple and awesome!

8 responses to Raising the Bar Inverted

  1. How are you able to get the coroplast to light up that way? Do you point the lighting down onto the plastic or shoot it from behind?

  2. The coroplast that is hanging was lit by led par cans faced directly at them from trussing in front of the stage. Two cans were pointed at each side in the two spaces between the coroplast. The drum riser was lit by 2 small led light bars. Hope that helps!

  3. where did you buy the colorplast to find it in such long sheets?

  4. Would this type of platform set up with the colorplast and led par cans expensive to set up?

  5. Was this difficult to set up? and was it expensive? Please reply to this one and not the previous one because I forgot to check the box that will send me a notification when you or someone replies.

    • Hi Markus! This should be a pretty inexpensive thing to setup. Buy Coroplast from a plastics manufacturer and they’ll cut it for you. (Probably costs about 2 sheets for $24) then hang them from whatever trussing/ceiling you have with very cheap fishing line. :)

      Add the lighting…super simple.

  6. Hi! Can you please help me with some lighting questions. I am very new to stage design and don’t know much about lights. We are looking to do our stage similar to this. Our stage is approx 15 ft wide and 7 ft deep from front to back. I have the Coroplast but I need to buy some par can lights. Can you point me in the right direction of maybe what size/frequency/brand I should buy for my size of stage?

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