Press Record

Adam Hann from Saturate in Manheim, PA brings us this simple design using TVs and trusses.

They did a night at the beginning of April called “Press Record” where they had their 20-somethings community come in, sing songs and hit the record button. The whole purpose was for their community to create something together.

The set is a few pieces of trussing. Attached on the back of the trussing were about 4 strip lights that gave the appearance of LED’s when it hit the trussing. On top of the trussing they have 4 i-Cues. On the two side pieces they had two inexpensive LED fixtures.

The TV’s were all connected using a Matrox TripleHead2Go and ProPresenter. They bought some extra wide backgrounds from Igniter Media. The two side screens were just mirroring the center TV.

23 responses to Press Record

  1. Great song in the video! Anyone know the name?

  2. Michael Ferrari July 29, 2011 at 11:42 am

    If you’d like a copy of the chart and lyrics, just let me know!

  3. Hey guys, if you are interested in downloading the album this song is on you can get it free here: Hope you enjoy it!

  4. Michael, I’d love the chart and lyrics as well please! Great song.

    Also, the camera work for that clip is superb!

  5. Anyone interested in downloading the Charts/Lyrics for have it all can do so from this link:

    Also, if you are interested in checking out any of Michael’s other music you can check him out here:

  6. How many projectors are you all using?

    • Carlos, there is just one projector each for the side screens. The TV’s were the main focus for the set piece. We had one 60something inch tv in the middle and two 50something inch tv’s on the side. Can’t remember exactly what size tv’s they were.

  7. Man this set looks great! I might also mention the sound is amazing as well. Thanks for sharing!

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