Presenting Presents

Steve Ray from First Baptist Church in Magnolia, Texas presents us this Christmas design based of the theme of “presents”.

They bought one size of moving boxes and wrapped them in red or white wrapping paper. Then they stacked them in a pyramid on each side of the platform.

They also built a huge 8’x8’x8′ gift box out of styrofoam and painted it red with white ribbon. They purchased 3 giant white bows from and placed them on the 2 pyramids of gift boxes and the large gift box.

The large gift box served as a “remote” camera studio with a green screen inside where a staff member did a “remote” camera shoot from “Bethlehem”. Later the front of the box was pulled down to reveal his secret in the middle of his broadcast.
They also had a talented pianist dressed as a maintenance guy “discover” a table full of presents. When he got “curious” and pulled the tops of the presents up, they played a note on a hidden keyboard below. He then proceeded to play carols by lifting the different box lids.

The pastor spoke from a “set” that had a brick wall, Christmas tree, and large TV playing a fireplace loop.

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  1. There’s an incredible amount of imagination at work here. I love the box lid piano rig!

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