Sunil John, Michael Boyd, and Dave Pearson from Faith Welland in Welland, Ontario brings us this half styrofoam ball stage design.

They were going for a modern, sleek look. So they went with some styrofoam balls (3″ half balls) and get few foam boards (Black) and zipties (Black). They made a stencil to evenly place the balls on the foam board. For lighting, they ended up lighting them up with LED Pars and Bars.

The middle sections were 4 boards held together with zip ties, the right side was two boards together, and the left side had one on top and one in the drum cage on the back wall….to keep it symmetrical with the right side. All of the foam boards were held together up top on a truss pipe with zip ties.

To attach the half balls to the foam boards, they used double-sided 3M tape.

They ended up adding a cross to the design as well a couple months in by outlining a cross with the balls by spray painting them grey.

Total Budget: $500 CDN

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6 responses to Pointillism

  1. This is great modern idea.Kudos to pastor Sunil John Dave Pearson and Mike Boyd for the tome they put into this and dedication to the ministry at Faith Welland.Blessings

  2. Really nice! I was thinking about using some foam balls in our next design. Where did you find that many half balls? What is the size of the foam board and where did you get it?

    Good job!

  3. Chris Sanchez May 4, 2016 at 2:18 pm

    how far apart is each 3″ Half Ball?

  4. Can I use the ping pong balls instead of the Styrofoam balls

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