Point Panels

Kory Guy from Trinity Harvest Church in Hurst, TX brings us these panels with dots on them.

They used The Antitruss idea to make their own trusses that were 10 feet tall and made the crossbars opposite on each side. They also added a plywood base and top to the trusses. Then they added Slimbanks at the bottom of each truss. The second look they liked was the Framed Flat Panels. Instead of corrugated metal, they went with plywood in order to fly the TV screens. They also really liked Dot Panels. They didn’t have time to order the pre-cut Styrofoam balls so they used small Styrofoam bowls to give the raised effect.

They combined these three ideas into one cohesive look.

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5 responses to Point Panels

  1. How did they attach the styrofoam bowls to the wood?

  2. We used a low temp hot glue gun and very little glue so the bowl would not melt. It was very tedious but another Church stapled theirs on and said that you could not see the staples.

  3. Greg Coverdale March 3, 2015 at 6:47 pm

    How large are the styrofoam balls that you used?
    How large are the panels that the balls are on?

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