Plywood Bedroom

Tanya Runyan from Harvest Church in Tyler, TX brings us this creative set piece designed with pallets.


  • Pallets: Free (from a local hardware store)
  • Cinderblock: Free
  • Lighting: $160 including bulbs
  • Pillows/decor:$100
  • Total Budget $260.

Pallets: They stacked 3 pallets high, inserted a 2×3 for bracing, and anchored them to the ground.
Lighting: They daisy chained the lighting with 16 gauge lamp wire into a dimmer pack and 40Watt light bulbs.
Bench: Sawzalled 3 pallets in half and stacked two on top of each other. They braced the 3 for a backing on top of 4 cinderblocks.
Sofa Bed: Stacked 2 pallets high and braced the 1 pallet for a backing all on top of 4 cinderblocks.
Tables: Stacked 4 cinderblocks uniquely.

noid-Bench noid-IMG_0995 noid-IMG_0996 noid-IMG_0997 noid-IMG_0998

3 responses to Plywood Bedroom

  1. On the beds how did you make them stable? Debating about doing something similar but in a couch style. Did you attach the pallets together or just stacked them on top of each other (for the beds)?

  2. Rebecca Burrows June 12, 2014 at 12:47 pm

    For the lighting did you make them your own or did you purchase the exposed lights ready to hang and if so where? Looking to do this look for our youth stage.

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