Ply Lines

The Spanish Service Team from Viña Miami in Miami, Florida brings us this stage remodel.
The accomplished this simply with plywood and LED lighting. They cut the plywood into strips and hung them from their ceiling.

Chapel-new-design-1 Chapel-old-design


4 responses to Ply Lines

  1. It used to look like the bottom picture (light blue walls and red sound panels). Simply by painting the back wall and ceiling in black (mate) and re-accommodating the LED lights you get a different look. This picture shows plywood lines painted in white but they can be easily re-arranged or removed to hung words or other white forms and shapes again to be colored by LED lights.

  2. This si what’s like to work creatively within the budget box. Keep it up Vina team.
    Thee is still more to come!!

  3. How did yall hang the strips of plywood??

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