Party Hats

Tiffany Burgess from New Life Church in Sullivan, IL brings us these vintage Christmas trees, ornaments, and presents.

They made the ornaments and trees from 3/4 inch thick foam board insulation bought from Menards (about $12 per 4ftX8ft piece). They used 18 pieces. The pieces had the tongue and groove so it made it easier to design the bigger trees.

They printed the designs in black and white onto projector paper. Then they put the foam board against a wall and used an old style projector to project the design onto the foam board. They used a dull pencil to make the marks or indentations for the design.

Everything got one coat of white primer and then its respective color design. They used semi-gloss on all of it and foam brushes since dents could easily be made in the foam board. Some of it was free-hand and some was carefully perfected with painters tape.

The ornaments were hung by the wall with fishing wire from the ceiling. The presents were held up by another piece of foam board glued to the back going in the opposite direction. The trees were held up by 2×4 stands that they made. Since the design was so colorful itself, they just used white lights on the floor in front of each tree.

3 responses to Party Hats

  1. Very excited to see this here. The stage looked amazing. So excited to see what the design team at New Life will come up with next!!

  2. Are those party hats or christmas trees?

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