Paper Plates

Seth Switzer fromĀ Cornerstone Baptist Church in Middletown, NY brings us this creative use of paper plates.

They were looking for a quick, low budget design for their sermon series “Diluted”. To carry through the “bubbles” theme of the graphic, they decided to see what a paper plate would look like on the wall. Get this…the whole design was accomplished for about $7!

To light the set they used some LED pars to splash on them for some color.

Comments from their church…

  • Looks like a giant Connect 4 board
  • Would be great for target practice

19 responses to Paper Plates

  1. Very cool!! This made me think of doing something very similar on our back wall, but instead of having all the rows the same height have them vary. It would give it more of an audio/signal flow bar look. I wonder if I could find square or rectangular paper plates? Probably. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is a cool idea i think that it would be cool to use in our youth room

  3. how tall and wide is it? And how did you fasten it to the wall? I love it!

  4. What material are these plates exactly? Styrofoam, plastic or paper?

  5. How is are the plates held together?

  6. This is a cool idea,sounds easy to execute ,just thinking how Are these lighted from the top or from under?

  7. Which way are the plates turned?

  8. Please tell me how you do it!… please!

  9. Pastor Marcus Conaway McIntyre July 7, 2015 at 8:36 pm

    What type of wall is it? What are the plates fastened to?

  10. What led’s did you used? and where you placed them ? Nice low budget idea!!!

  11. chris dickenson January 11, 2016 at 9:07 am

    This is a cool ideas and various size plates could be used to give other designs. We may use this untill we can decide on a more permanent backdrop for our youth stage. Love the price and the circles better than squares!

  12. Hello,
    Really nice !!!
    I want to know, What sort of PARS, power and how many do you use for this wall ?
    Thank you

  13. Awesome! How were these plates lit up?

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