Paper Diamonds

Tom Clark and the Creative Arts team from Riverside Church in Big Lake, MN brings us this fun use of paper.

They constructed it with paper from 3M Flip charts. They have 40 pages in each one and were $30 each at Office Max. They used 88 pages.

They aren’t square, so they cut them into squares and folded each edge down an inch. Then they crumpled the paper and stretched it out again. Then they stapled the edges together in the diamond pattern.

Total cost was about $60 for the paper plus then just staples and man-hours.

5 responses to Paper Diamonds

  1. This looks great! Really like the lighting as well..what’s the list of all fixtures you have on stage for these pics
    Very tastefully done.

  2. I Like this stage a lot! The lighting and haze look good, what type of lights are those and what hazer / fog machine do you have?

  3. Bethany Schmitt May 22, 2012 at 3:44 pm

    I love it what software are you using? I Love my Hazer! i have an Antari 300 Haze Pro works amazing!! and even my most sensitive peeps in my congregation can handle the haze.

  4. Tommy could respond more in-depth about the fixtures . . . notably the Elation Platinum Spot 5R Pro (x4) and the non Pro 5R (x2) (rigged from above). Tommy also designed an array concept on some trusses using conventional par cans with bulbs that have a narrow beam (see the first two pics). The haze is a funny thing . . . Tommy did a ton of work last summer trying to get this just right (way to go Tommy!) – our hazer is nothing special (Chauvet Hurricane 2) – the much more professional hazer look comes from the fluid we use: Froggy’s Fog Pro Haze Fluid – a new HVAC system actually improved the hazing – go figure! One last item . . . our initial plan for the stage design was to completely rip off the look of a much larger church that we are associated with, using crumpled two ply silver screen material in the same diamond pattern. After pricing the whole thing out using materials from our local big box hardware store I knew we needed a cheaper alternative. Now I’m hunting for the next sub $100 design!

  5. Chad pretty much covered it. For a controller – its a Jands Vista M1 console. I would highly highly recommend Vista. Amazing console. Very powerful, yet easy for volunteers to run. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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