Palleted Screen Mount

Jayme McColgan from Boca Raton Community Church in Boca Raton, FL brings us this projection screen mount and frame.

Jayme pulled inspiration for looking at a natural stone wall. They got about 30 pallets and sawed the slats off the top and bottom of them all. As for the building of the structure, they used a standard 2×4 and spaced them so that they could stagger the rows of pallets and still have 2 points to nail to. The center section was designed to hold a 16ft x 9ft screen that they rented in and rear projected onto. They used an air gun and some finishing nails to adhere the pallets to the structure. They uplit it with 6 SourceFour Multipar strips. Along the top of the frame they used 15 ColorBlaze 48 LED strips.

0B46432D-D50F-4660-9654-C967D21DFFFE 2ECE5B21-1868-4FFC-B2F3-9BC1E3FD4000 178F3847-2ADE-47DB-83C8-19CFD84C5D71 3682DA0B-4506-4A7F-85AF-270DE9AA6A7D 82245DA7-F6EC-4056-AABF-B8A9AFC4FD62 C8F3533F-E148-42A8-93F1-2A2D2DCED471 D85E53D8-5D9F-47F5-AD23-D1F63C2D80AF D438DC48-FF7F-475B-AA7B-F183C0A1666F DE0B9B21-86A5-49E5-A307-F1292B65CD41

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  1. Jayme, I like your work. You must have had a really cool Middle School Youth Pastor. :)

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