Pallet Testimonies

What’s cheaper than cardboard? Pallets! Matt Greene from Christian Life Fellowship in Port Edwards, WI brings us this “pallet testimonies” stage design.

This design was centered around a “cardboard testimonies” variation. They built a simple pallet wall using ten pallets, with alternating direction. To put these together, Matt just trimmed half of the pallets so they would be the same width when turned on their sides. Then he laid them all out in a pleasing arrangement and start screwing them together, one section at a time. With three angled support arms in the back, the wall was pretty sturdy.

The service started with the pallets blank. During the message, they had about 20 people carry a sign (made from black foam board, 12″ x 18″) that had a word from their testimony painted on it. They spoke a sentence about what they were like before Jesus, then turned the board over to show the word love printed on paper and stuck on the board, and spoke a sentence about life after they’ve experienced the love of God.

After they finished speaking they hung their board in a pre-designated spot on the pallet wall. When everyone was finished, the word love was formed on the wall.

The stage was also lined with different sized, lit Christmas trees. They took advantage of some stained glass that is built into their stage wall to give a traditional flair.

The pallets were donated from a local company that cannot use any pallets that have even one broken or cracked slat.

They used foam board, spray adhesive, paint and 12″ x 18″ paper that was found around the church. But all these supplies can be purchased fairly inexpensively.

The main cost for this set was in the Christmas trees, which for them, was about $40 a tree.

*The door seen to the left of the stage was for an opening drama. Not really part of the stage design.

IMG_2945 IMG_2946 IMG_2947 IMG_2948 IMG_2949 IMG_2950

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