Pallet Rain

Brandy Gibson from Chestnut Ridge Church in Morgantown, WV brings us these Christmas pallet chandeliers.

They used 65″ curtain lights (3 strands per pallet—on three separate channels so they could be controlled individually and have a twinkle effect) that they threaded through the pallets and zip tied in key places. The pallets had 4 holes drilled in each of the corners that they pull eyebolts through and attached 4′ lengths of chain that cross and attach to a 6′ length that uses a U bolt to fasten to a stage batton. They angled the pallets to add some dimension.

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6 responses to Pallet Rain

  1. How did you get the curtain lights to stay on solid? We did something super similar but took them down and put lower on back of stage, because they would always reset to factory setting and go through their chase sequences. Did you cut transformer box off and re wire?

    • Zip ties and staple gun helped keep the lights in place.

    • We had them plugged into Chauvet boxes with 4 channels per box. The lights stayed solid, but splitting them across three channels allowed for “twinkling.”

      • My problem was it i powered down for the night. The next day they would randomly reset and go through factory presets. And my dimmers will not shut them off 100%.
        They had a transformer/chase box on them and a push button. You click 7x’s to go to on full always. But once they lost power they would unfortunately reset.

        • Some of our older dimmer boxes have the same reset issue, we would leave their power on the whole time and out them a battery backup UPS just in case we lost power. However our new Chauvet DMX-4 dimmer boxes don’t have the reset issue.

          • Thanks for info. But it is the lights them self. No matter if in a dimmer or just straight wall outlet. The curtains go to factory setting after power is lost. Cheap made lights. If it had a dial instead of button it would have worked. Lol
            Merry Christmas

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