Light of Lights

Nathan Venegas from Asbury Church in Madison, AL brings us this awesome Christmas vibe. Continue Reading…

Lines of Trees

Brian Clayburgh from First Baptist Church in Las Cruces, NM brings us these Christmas trees. Continue Reading…

Throwback: Cathedral Walls

Rob Merow from Calvary Fellowship in Downington, PA brings us this very cool, tall stained glass feature. (Originally posted September 2013) Continue Reading…

Fluorescent Cross

DJ from Victory Family Church in Norman, Oklahoma brings us this cool cross piece. Continue Reading…

Throwback: Dash Dot

AJ Guptill from Crosspoint Church in Fredericton, NB, Canada brings us this combo of glowing boxes and blinders for their stage. (Originally posted May 2014) Continue Reading…

Each month we put together a list of the most popular stage designs from the site. Check out these…that air filter stage is still going strong. Who…one day…will dethrone it?

  1. Air Filtered – 3,335 views
    Benjamin Davis from dv8 Youth Ministries in Crowley, TX
  2. Stage Origami – 1,843 views
    Aníbal Ramírez, Rafael Ortíz, José Milán, Ricardo Santiago and Emilio Cuadrado from Casa de Adoración Jabes in Bayamón, Puerto Rico
  3. Burning Boards – 1,786 views
    Matt Holcomb from The Door Fellowship in Williamsport, PA
  4. Blocked and Shadowed – 1,758 views (new to the list)
    Josh Engler from Grace Avenue Church in San Antonio, Texas
  5. Particles of Christmas – 1,714 views
    Ben Wysong from LifePointe Christian Church in Elk Grove, CA
  6. Patterns in the Yarn – 1,618 views
    Christopher Law from SpringHill Camps
  7. Dots and Spots – 1,589 views
    Ryan Sharp, Michael Thompson, and Nate Click from Evergreen Christian Community in Olympia, WA
  8. Lamp Posts – 1,588 views
    MacKenzie Stephens from Okolona Christian Church in Louisville, KY
  9. LED Logo Lines – 1,258 views (new to the list)
    Jake Massey from Dunn’s Creek in San Mateo, Florida
  10. String Arrangement – 1,167 views
    Charles Garwood from Lafayette Community Church in Lafayette, Indiana

Great job, stage designers!

Colorado Christmas

Kent Homchick from West Bowles Community Church in Littleton, CO brings us this Christmas production design. Continue Reading…

Strings and Wall

Cameron Campbell from Golden Hills Community Church in Brentwood, CA brings us this projection wall and string look they created. Continue Reading…

Fluorescent Tubes

Tonny w Muli from Mavuno Church in Nairobi, Kenya brings us this alternative to LED tape tubes. Continue Reading…

Throwback: Steam Punk Stage Design

Philip Cox from Potential Church in Cooper City, FL brings us this steam punk stage design idea. (Originally posted November 2013) Continue Reading…

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