LED Lanterns

Ryan Garey from NorthGate Christian Community in Buffalo, New York brings us these individually controlled LED paper lanterns. Continue Reading…

Throwback: Wood Blocks Back

Daniel Connell from Church on the Move in Tulsa, Oklahoma brings us this great wooden block background for their message. (Originally posted November 2012) Continue Reading…

Each month we put together a list of the most popular stage designs from the site. Thanks to all the designers who submit their work to help the church stage design community!

  1. Air Filtered – 2,321 views
    Benjamin Davis from dv8 Youth Ministries in Crowley, TX
  2. Stage Origami – 1,913 views
    Aníbal Ramírez, Rafael Ortíz, José Milán, Ricardo Santiago and Emilio Cuadrado from Casa de Adoración Jabes in Bayamón, Puerto Rico
  3. LED Lines – 1,846 views
    Christopher Palazini from Black Rock Church in Fairfield, CT
  4. Blocked and Shadowed – 1,784 views
    Josh Engler from Grace Avenue Church in San Antonio, Texas
  5. String Arrangement – 1,650 views
    Charles Garwood from Lafayette Community Church in Lafayette, Indiana
  6. Patterns in the Yarn – 1,476 views
    Christopher Law from SpringHill Camps
  7. Winding Thorns – 1,385 views (new to the list)
    Mrs. Lynn Colvin from Christian Fellowship Church in Harlingen, Texas
  8. Dots and Spots – 1,349 views
    Ryan Sharp, Michael Thompson, and Nate Click from Evergreen Christian Community in Olympia, WA
  9. On the Square – 1,188 views (new to the list)
    Garrett Pelt from First Baptist Church On The Square in Lagrange, GA
  10. Crowned Screen – 1,056 views (new to the list)
    Jason Mertz from Cornerstone Christian Church in Shiloh, Illinois

Bubble Walls

Corey Endsley from The Exchange Worship Center in Corpus Christi, Texas brings us these fun bubbles on their back wall. Continue Reading…

Throwback: Holey Stage Backdrop

The Central Production Team from Christ’s Church of the Valley in Peoria, AZ brings us these nice walls filled with holes. (Originally posted May 2014) Continue Reading…

Cross Alight

Sats Solanki & Rob Whitehead from Hope City Church London in Shoreditch, London brings us this cool glowing cross. Continue Reading…

Throwback: Four Square

Paul Smollen from La Croix United Methodist Church in Cape Girardeau, MO brings us this mix of traditional textures with modern lighting. (Originally posted February 2012) Continue Reading…

Lights and Patterns

Frank Yazvac from Hope Church in Bettendorf, IA brings us these cool light bars and a great textured wall. Continue Reading…

Throwback: Weird Waves

Mark Yakey from Manchester Christian Church in Manchester, NH brings us this modern design with clean lines. (Originally posted January 2010) Continue Reading…

Folded Over Me

Paul Lack from The Collide Conference and Life Center Church in Spokane, WA brings us this epic conference stage setup. Continue Reading…