Number 5

DJ from Victory Family Church in Norman, Oklahoma brings us these light sabers for his stage.

This rig consisted of 8-foot fluorescent tube guards diffused with glass frosted spray paint and plastic bags wrapped around. They were held up with a 1-inch iron flange. Then the team put an 8-foot LED RGB strip inside. This was all mounted on plywood.

3 responses to Number 5

  1. how were the led strips held inside the tube?

    • The RGB tape has a sticky backing that we were able to peel off and slide in the tube. The small amount of excess, we draped the backside and taped it to the tube guard. It’s important to keep the stip as straight as possible so the LEDs are all facing the same way when mounted.

  2. Great job on this! Sorry this isn’t related to the tubes, but what brand and model are those rectangular floor lights?

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