Noah and Sons

Mike Cunsolo from Agape House New Testament Church in Accra, Ghana brings us this fun design for a series on Noah while they were renovating their stage.

They are in the process of raising and renovating their stage. So they decided that during their Noah series they would make it look like a construction site while the actual construction was going on. So, their stage will be evolving over the series.

Their budget was around $600 US.

They already had the scaffold, shovels, hand pans, and brooms. The rest they purchased. The biggest challenge was that this was their first time doing anything like this on stage. Normally, they have a 11ft by 30ft banner and two side banners. However, it was starting to look dated so they decided to move more modern. This was a very easy look to accomplish and they set it up in about an hour.

Materials Used:
Cinder Blocks
Black Plastic Drop Cloths
Hard Hats
Hand Pans
Rubber Boots
TinG panels
Wood Planks

IMG_8697 IMG_8698 IMG_8699 IMG_8700

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  1. Neat!

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