Neon Tubes

Greg Culbertson from Gethsemane Church in Evansville, IN brings us this cool PVC stage design.

  • 88 – 10′ 1/2″ PVC pipe. ( 3/4″ would work a little better in a larger room.)
  • 2×4’s painted black… repurposed from previous set. Metal 2×4’s painted black would be ideal because they don’t warp. Either will be fine.
  • Velcro 1 or 2″ will work. 50 feet was needed for their project.

All of these materials cost under $200.00

They applied the rough Velcro to the 2×4 structure — 2 12′ sections 4 ft apart running parallel to the ground. Next they cut 2′ off  the PVC pipes with a chop saw. Slow and steady works best or it will shatter. They took half of the pipes and applied the fuzzy side of the Velcro 2 ft from top and the other half 1′ from the top, then they put the other piece about 4′ from the other piece. They used a 1″x2″ board for spacing.

Thanks Joseph Lagenour, Jeff Wilson and Dusty Kruger for making it happen.

One response to Neon Tubes

  1. Carol Hoffman June 5, 2018 at 2:32 pm

    I love the look of this! We have a cream-colored back wall and I’m concerned a 2’x4′ supports may show too much, even if we paint it the same color as the wall. Do you think command strips on the PVC and then directly on the wall will work?

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