Mural, Mural on the Wall

Adam Swiger from New Community Church in Wexford, Pennsylvania brings us this great mural backdrop.

Inspired by Stained Paper Panels, Adam and his crew designed 7 separate panels and printed them on Epson Backlit Media Film (3’x100’ roll). Each panel is 3′ x 7′ and is mounted on a light box set up with an LED light at the top and bottom of the box. They also used the graphic on their website!

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  1. yay!!! Adam did a great job of keeping this thing moving along – thanks Adam!

  2. Can you provide any additional detail on the construction of the lightboxes and also what brand, type (wash vs can, etc) and intensity of LED lights that you used? Very nice job!

    • Richard,
      I will make sure to get back to you on the LED light brands. I don't have the boxes near me but they are great.

      I will tell you that the construction of the lightboxes we had outsourced to a guy in our church who has his own construction company. They are a particle board material painted black. To box is about six inches deep I would guess. We mounted the LED's at the top and bottom of the box and hooked the lights up to the light board so we can really change the whole feel of the panels at any given time. It really works well and is super compatible with anything that your church may want to do. Let me get back to you on the LED brand.

  3. Ryan,
    Our stage, believe it or not is all wood. It really is just painted plywood on the tiers. On the ground floor of the stage, where the piano is located, is wood also but has a mat cut to fit the stage perfectly. It's kind of like a flimsy but thick glossy mat. I'm not sure what it is exactly as I got to our church after the stage was put in. I could find out though.
    Hope this helps,

  4. How did you go about getting your graphics printed on the media film? Did you purchase the film yourself and then have it printed elsewhere? Also, interested in the file type…psd, illustrator, ect.

    • Chad,
      we outsourced our printing to a company that we trust and does great work for us. We needed to make sure that they were using a solvent ink source and not an aquais (or water based) ink for printing on the epson film.

      We purchased the film ourselves through a company called imagepro intl. Here's a link to the exact paper we used:

      We found that they had the best pricing out there on this paper but you do need to have time to wait for it as it is usually on back order from Epson.
      The filetypes used to print were done in photoshop or illustrator. We actually have a graphic designer for the church that works out of his office for us and he developed that design for us too.
      Hope that helps you!

      In Christ,

  5. About how much does it cost per SF. to print on this paper? Who is the company that you use to print for you?

    • David Shepherd March 9, 2011 at 10:55 am


      We actually own an Epson banner printer that prints these kinds of media, as well as vinyl for posters, canvas, and other media types including the film above. The cost per Sq foot can easily exceed $30 depending on how cheap you can find the media, but also how dense the printing will be – these inks can also be quite expensive.

      David Shepherd, TD
      Life Community
      Bluffton, IN

      • David and Luis,
        Thanks for the comments.

        Luis, We outsource our printing to a local company called "vitalsigns".
        They charge us about $84 per print (just ink because we provide the paper). That price also includes labor. So, David is right that the pricing can be WELL over $30 but the neat thing about it is the re-usability of the prints. Depending on the season, we can switch different prints in and out. The prints displayed in this post are our "generic" design, meaning when it's not Christmas or Easter, we'll most likely have these up.
        I hope this helps!

        Adam Swiger,
        Worship Leader
        New Community Church
        Wexford, PA

  6. HI
    is it possible if i can have more information of how you frame the pictures to each panel?
    What material do you use for the framing?
    Thank you very much


    • Thien,
      We frame the prints to these light boxes with simple gaffers tape. We tape the outside of the images around to the sides of the boxes. This makes for very easy transitions between panels.
      The framing we had done customized to our needs by a guy who owns a carpentry shop in our church. It is really just black particle wood frames. Pretty simple stuff.
      Hope this helps you! God Bless!

      Adam Swiger,
      Worship Leader
      New Community Church
      Wexford, PA

  7. Hi Adam – would your church sell the artwork to another church in another country? ;)

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