Move Me

Tyler Jacobs, an entertainment lighting designer designed this set for a special event at Heritage United Methodist Church in Clearwater, Florida. Their theme was “Move” and required a set that was extremely easy to setup. (Only 5 hours to load-in and program.)

So to transform the traditional look of the sanctuary for the event, Tyler opted for everyone’s favorite: coroplast! He used 4 black sheets (4mm thick) and cut out letters using a projector. He then mounted 4 uncut white sheets with gaff tape to the black sign. (Coroplast comes in 4’x8′ sheets for about $12 each from any local plastics manufacturer or sign shop.)

The whole set was zip-tied to pipe used for pipe and drape (they can be rented for a low cost, much less than trussing).

To light the letters, Tyler used 20 Elation Design Brick 12’s with 3 lights for each letter. Check out the video to see what it ¬†looked like live. (no audio)

3 responses to Move Me

  1. We just used a utility knife. Don't worry about being too precise with cutting it out. When it's on stage and lit up, you can't see all the little mistakes.

  2. could you help me out and tell me what the coroplast is for? This is the first time I'm hearing about it and where can you find it?

    • Hey Mark! Coroplast (or corrugated plastic) is the stuff real estate signs are made out of. It's lightweight and inexpensive. It costs about $12 for a 4'x8' sheet and comes in many different colors…including translucent ones. A lot of the designs on this site use coroplast because it's so lightweight and versatile. Hope that helps!

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