Mountains of Light

Another cool stage design by Christopher Law from SpringHill Camps.

The crew made the light boxes out of plywood. These were traced, cutout and painted. The fabric was 110″ wide by 20′ tall white voile custom sewn by Rose Brand. Lighting for the backdrop was simply ETC Source Four Par’s gelled. 4 were hung from the truss, one per side was laying on the floor to light the voile. Additional ETC instruments were used to stage lighting.

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  1. I love the light boxes, In general how much did those cost for the supplies?

    • The plywood was 1/2 or 3/4″ cabinet plywood from Home Depot
      The fabric used was muslin from a local craft store. I purchased an entire role for $40. We used a fraction of the role so we had plenty left over for other projects.
      I used a dark mahagony stain from Home Depot that cost maybe $7

      All in all it was well under $75

  2. I wonder who the guy in the hat is? hmmm… :)

    ps – The plywood light boxes were made by me back at NorthRidge. We brought them and worked with Chris and his team to put together what started as a really simple idea (just the light boxes) to the trussing, washes, and soft goods. Many thanks to Chris and his team for seeing the bigger picture.

    If you’d like to see a step by step on how I made the boxes here’s the link to the pics of the build/install: ENJOY!

  3. What is the type of fabric you staple to the plywood?

  4. The link is broken on the HOW TO:

  5. The dropbox link is not working anymore.

  6. The lightbox is awesome! Is it an actual box with sides and back? From the images, it appears that it is simply a front with some supports on the side? We’re looking at doing this with the words “Called Out.” Thanks for any info!

  7. What font did you use Josh? Thanks,

  8. Okay…one more question… How did you light from the back? Thanks!

  9. Why did you choose the muslin fabric? Why not use a cotton sheet? or something more shiny?

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