Mountain Woods

Joshua Gresham from Trailhead Church in Graham, NC brings us this awesome wooden mountain scene.

Step 1:
They found a local small lumber mill and purchased rough cut pine.

Step 2:
They framed out the back wall with 2x4s and then attached the first layer of wood and repeated the process with the last layer (darker/torched wood).

Step 3:
They torched the wood using a large propane torch from Harbor Freight Tools. Positive and negatives … Positive, torching the wood, it doesn’t have the smell of stain. Negative, torching the wood, you can’t touch it or you’ll get soot all over you. Positive, it looks amazing.

One response to Mountain Woods

  1. Andres Manzewitsch January 6, 2018 at 1:38 pm

    I know it’s probably a little late for this, but… If torching wood is the idea here, then I’d recommend watching this video for insight on how to apply finish to it so you dont get soot all over you.

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