Most Popular – November 2011

December 4, 2011 — 5 Comments

Here are the most visited stage designs for the month of November. Just want to say another big thank you to all the stage designers who submit their stuff for us to see.

  1. Ascending Coroplast – 1,818 views
    Tim Sherwood from Prairie Lakes Church in Cedar Falls, IA
  2. Cheap Fake Trussing – 1,794 views
    Gary Brownell from Sagebrush Community Church in Albuquerque, NM
  3. Frosty Windows – 1,757 views
    Greg Saffles at Long Hollow Baptist Church in Hendersonville, TN
  4. A Paper Christmas – 1,565 views
    Tom Armstrong from Salinas Valley Community Church in Salinas, CA
  5. All Made of Stars – 1,506 views
    Chad Pippin from Big Valley Grace Community Church in Modesto, California
  6. A Christmas Scene – 1,482 views
    Derek Studt from Generations Christian Church in Trinity, Florida
  7. Easy Peasy – 1,456 views
    Kaleb Wilcox at Topeka Bible Church in Topeka, Kansas
  8. Bubblewrap – 1,451 views
    Van Metschke from South Hills Church in Corona, CA
  9. Spheres and Trees – 1,437 views
    Zach Lee from Brand New Church in Harrison, Arkansas
  10. Christmas on the Lake – 1,434 views
    Wes Amick from Cross Timbers Community Church in Texas

Great job, stage designers!

5 responses to Most Popular – November 2011

  1. …. struggling to find an alternative to tacky stage designs. i think i saw 2 on this list that weren’t design chaos. wish we were better at this.

  2. aright.. only since i feel like i only see people drooling over this kind of stuff… and i never feel like i hear anyone who sees it and goes “OH!… really?” … only for that reason will i comment openly and honestly from my very weak perspective.

    people should learn about art & design to help constrain their natural creative eye’s. i’ve been apart of too many conversations (in person) where people explain why they designed a stage a particular way… and it really just came across as – i like to do it, wanted to communicate the message through the stage design, & why not.

    i feel like when i see a church stage design it just looks like a picture of the inside of a sports arena – colors everywhere, shapes, lights- but none of it actually communicates anything other than chaos.

    and it’s also like people overcommunicate, or just information overload, with their stage designs.hey it’s 4th of july… let’s put american flag crap up EVERYWHERE! like my mom would do at christmas time growing up… no reason… no rhyme… just like whooville without an ounce of Dr. Seuss’s artistry.

    i also see a lot of trends like coroplast (usable, can be clean), “grunge”(90’s, overphotoshopped look..yikes), and spandex(trade-show decor) as overused, and tending to be lazy.

    and what happened to color design. i just see highlighter colors everywhere all the time ever since churches found out about led lights.

    stage designs are too bright 95% of the time on here. pushing the foreground out of the natural focus.

    i liked seeing the painted trees. that was creative.

    you know that feeling when you walk into an apple store or some really awesome clothing store or whatever.. where even an artist would go .. “nice”. any artist i show stage design pictures to … who aren’t christians and are just seeing church stage designs for the first time… i can tell you .. never go “nice”.

    i say all this to you since you seem to be calm and level headed unlike my most natural state. so if you reply i’ll respond… but i won’t be responding to anyone else on here about this. i wanted to communicate that but not argue with the world of 45 year old church designers.

    if even for me to see how i don’t want to go about it… i still appreciate the site. hope this hasn’t been insulting in any way. you can feel free to delete this comment at any time if it feels nasty.

    • I love open and honest communication! :) I think the difference in some of your arguments are philosophical ones. I think modern stage design (at least in the church) is heading one direction. And you have a different paradigm. I love that you do. Some of my favorite designs on the sites are completely different than the usual.

      I don’t really think one is right or wrong. I think they are accomplishing different goals.

      I think the main difference in philosophies would be atmospheric design or scenic design–a subtle difference with large implications.

      (PS…I’m 26)

  3. i love the frosty windows one.

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