Fire safety is important. If you don’t believe us, just watch this video.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure you are serving your congregation safely:

  • Use steel in all rigging (gak flex type spansets, chain, and steel wire are great fireproof rigging materials)
  • Use fire-rated materials for stage designs
  • Use the right size cabling for lights (undersized wire and damaged wiring put you in danger of electrical fires)
  • Make certain fire exits are kept clear at all times
  • Have fire extinguishers in locations near the stage and FOH
  • Have a plan if something ever does happen
  • Fire treat any material that is not fire retardant now makes and sells all of their scenic out of fire rated Coroplast. It is pretty cool stuff. It’s UL 94 V-2 fire rated and will self extinguish within 5 seconds. Check out some set ideas using them here.

Here are a few other options for sets that take fire safety into account and look great.

Winding Away Stage Design Lovely-Layers Angled-Glow-Lines-Stage-Design

2 responses to ModScenes

  1. The singer in this video is AWESOME! He never stops singing despite the inferno behind him!! And he sounds great. A+ for effort.

  2. Yeah, I’d be evacuating and telling everybody else to do the same. You don’t mess around when something catches on fire.

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