10 Unique Ways to Use MIO Products on Your Stage

My friends at MIO have created some pretty amazing interior design materials. And many of the intrepid stage designers from CSDI have used their products to do some cool things on their stages.

Here are a few new ways you might be able to use the MIO product line to do something unique on your stage, along with some sketched models to give you an idea of what it would look like.

Foldscapes Ideas:


1. Taped, Hanging Wall

The idea is you take white tape and tape the tiles together like a curtain and hang it. Because they are lightweight, this is a very inexpensive way to make a backdrop if you can’t attach it to the walls.


2. Table Skirt

This is great for events but also could transform these relatively ugly and abundant tables into building blocks. I can already see some creatives finding other building blocks to cover with FoldScapes.


3. Mixed Texture

Mix in the Square FoldScapes tile and you save some money and still get dimensional effect.

MIO_Squre_Crystal Mix

Nomad Ideas:


4. Layered Pyramids

We see lots of square constructions but not many triangles. There’s money to be saved there and in lots of other shapes. I included an image that uses this kind of arrangement with an open configuration.


5. Staggering

Lots of the walls on CSDI are continuous walls. Giving them depth provides opportunities for different kind of light effects. Layering can also be used to play around with color and definition if lights in colors are being used.


6. Openings

Doorways, window openings, and other irregular openings are also lighting opportunities, cost saving opportunities, and possibly a way for creative entry and exit of bands and pastors.

MIO_Nomad_Window Wall_01-01

PaperForms Ideas:


7. Box Layers

The MIO team was on a budget so they ordered boxes on Uline.com. They ordered the 12 x 12 x 24 boxes and stuck tiles on one end. This made for a stacking creation that was cheap and provided crazy depth and texture. It also had the benefit of being reconfigurable.


8. Box Pillars

The box pillars are like the above but way more ambitious. Think Tetris with boxes covered with PaperForms panels.


9. PaperForms Ceiling

We haven’t seen many churches do much with the ceiling. It could be done with floating panels made of plywood or large format canvases.


10. Luan Boxes

This is actually what MIO does for their shows. They build a frame with 1/2″ plywood and then laminate it with luan. Then they stick their products on there. Four sides would be ideal. This could mean rotating patterns, colors, and having various surfaces to get creative. The boxes can also be easily moved around the stage for variety.


Have you used MIO products in a unique way? Be sure to submit your design to the CSDI! We want to post it up!

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