Make Stage Design

Alan Huerta from West McKinley Church in Fresno, CA brings us this “made” stage design.

They went to Catalyst Conference about 6 months ago and saw a similar design with 3 dimensional wood structures and wanted to re-create it. So they bought eight 4×8 pieces of plywood from Home Depot (the cheap ones with the grid lines on them already). They made 4-foot letters spelling make and used the extra 4 pieces of plywood to add a 3D effect on the sides of the letters (using hinges).

They also drilled grommet holes in each one approximately 1 foot apart—big enough to fit a light bulb socket in it. They purchased light bulb sockets to Edison plugins off Amazon.

Then they bought 1-foot extensions that went straight into a plug strip—one for each letter controlled with a dimmer pack.

For the back wall they puchased 1’x8′ pieces of plywood and cut them in half. They staggered them on the back wall and uplit with blue LED cans.

M Make_cutout make

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  1. Looks Awesome!

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