Mad Scientist

Jon Wood from Lavon Drive Baptist Church in Garland, TX brings us this zany stage design.

This year’s theme was based off of a “Mad Scientist” concept which stretched Jon’s imagination. They built this in under 2 weeks and nothing was rented for this set. They made it all, with the exception of the barrels. Their stage was constructed of 4×8 panels on cinder blocks.

Stage dimensions are the following:
– 80′ W x 16′ D – the runway in the middle sticks out an additional 12′
– The back wall was just 2×4 construction @ 80’W x 16’T
– Time machines were just wafer board half circles, 2×4 framing and corrugated metal to add shine without having to paint with metallic paints.
– They had the marquee lights that were running along the tops from a previous event
– most other lighting were just sockets that you can get at Home Depot that have a plug on the other end so they just plugged them directly into small extension cords
– Jon used C9 Christmas lights in many areas and just ordered multi colored bulbs
– PVC pipping was used and spray painted neon colors to show up under black light
– The water tanks were purchased cheap and they simply ran an air hose to them to make them boil
– the graphic lines on the back wall were rigid pink insulation panels cut to shape, painted and just nailed with Roofing nails over the black fabric curtains.
– Jon found the barrels on Craigslist from a powdered soap company and payed less than $10 each for them.
– They stacked the barrels on pallets to give it more of a warehouse feel
– The lab table was just a simple 2×4 frame and they purchased pieces of greenhouse roofing from Home Depot (over by the corrugated metal) and used that for a table top so that they could make all of the various colored liquids light up, essentially creating a light table.
– the various glass vases were filled with floral water beads that you can get at Hobby Lobby and them just filled them with water and used food coloring.

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