Love Breakthrough

The Victory Church Creative Team from Victory Church of Lethbridge in Lethbridge, Alberta brings us this wireframe heart bursting through a brick wall.

This was their design for the month of April, Good Friday and Easter. It was a very versatile design that transitioned through their events at the church for Good Friday and Easter. First, they created brick wall pieces from cut styrofoam. It was very simple and easy to work with, although time consuming. They painted them with spray cans of “make it stone” and variations of stone finishing spray. It gave them a textured appearance. Also, for extra dimension effect, they used a thicker Styrofoam here and there so the bricks appeared more 3D.

For the steel hearts, they used Steel Rod about the diameter of a pencil 5/16″ or .312″—which came to $44. They spray painted them silver so they were more reflective.

For Good Friday they curtained off the stage, creating an intimate setting using light bulbs, red curtain, and candles. For Easter, they added a black light effect to the stage and chalk paint on their drum shield for the writing. They used a cricket cutter to cut card stock for the letters and then framed it with the chalk paint do it looked more like the font they were trying to create. Overall cost for the set came in under $500.















2 responses to Love Breakthrough

  1. Awesome!

  2. Did you have someone weld the steel rod into a heart?

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