Lines of Christmas Text

Beckie Campbell from First Church of God in Vero Beach, FL brings us these lines of letters for Christmas.

They were looking for a design that could carry over into the new year and their new vision series that started in January, so they decided to make these panels out of Coroplast with burlap glued to them and black craft paint stenciled onto the burlap to make the letters. They made them two-sided and wrote their tag line for the church on the opposite side. So all they had to do after Christmas was flip the letters around and take down the Christmas stage.

The Coroplast and burlap would pick up two different color shades with the same LED light, so they could have more depth (which they were going for). The curtains were made out of burlap too. The burlap picked up the LED lights really well.

Total cost was around $150.00 for the letters. They had the burlap curtains left over from a previous stage design they made. They lit those from the ground with LED lights. They bought the Christmas bulbs in 100′ strands and hung them lengthwise to make them look like a long Christmas bulb curtain. They had 10 strands per side, with all red bulbs that they purchased from (the bulbs were the expense) about $300.00 for all the strands and bulbs (but they will have them for years to come).

Christmas Letters 2014 Christmas Stage 2014PurpleGreen Christmas Stage 2014RedGreen Christmas Stage Letters Christmas Stage Yellow2014

4 responses to Lines of Christmas Text

  1. Wendy Culpepper November 2, 2014 at 2:28 pm

    This is such a beautiful stage display. I was wondering what you built the cross out of?

  2. Great job guys! What are the dimensions of the cutouts of “love, joy, peace, and hope” letters? Its interesting that burlap reflected the light that much… thought they were white curtains when I first saw them

  3. I am also interested in the dimensions of the coroplast squares and letters

  4. I also would like to know the dimensions of the coroplast squares and letters.

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