Lined Walls

RAMevents from ACI in Knust, Ghana brings us this set built from scratch.

They had to draw a great balance between cost and beauty, since most of the suitable materials were only available at exorbitant cost. They constructed the backdrop basically of wood. 8×4″ plywood and 2×3″ wood panels.

Then they created their stipes with 1/4″ plywood. They needed a 3D feel of the event title (FOT) so they bought some 3/4″ plywood, traced out the font (impact) with 2″ nails, 1″ apart. Then they bought some white yarns and wove the letters out, giving it a 3D feel.

Next, they created human silhouettes out of stiffened cloth for the sides behind the choir stands. Because the stage was small in relation to the choir size (150), they divided the choir into 2 and created stands at both sides to flank the stage. Then they arranged their frontliners in middle and the band on a stage behind the frontliners.

They lit their design with LED lights (about 8). Then they lit the stage with LED lights and 3 moving head lights which they trussed from the back. Then they trussed 6 par cans from front to light the people and enhance the videoshoot. The whole set cost about $1000.

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