Light Wings

Jeff Abbott from Ada Bible Church in Grand Rapids, MI brings us this awesome use of lines and shapes.

This set was designed to take advantage of negative space. The pieces were designed so that the interior cut as well as the spacing between the panels created the negative space that light would shine through from behind.

This set required precision construction so all the parts would line up properly and create the desired effect. Construction materiel was Luan. All parts were CNC cut from 4×8 sheets. All parts were painted Grey or White. Jeff had connecting brackets laser cut from steel at a local fabrication shop to connect all the panels together. To create additional depth, the front most pieces of the set, forming the “X” pattern were spaced off the panel using 1″ nylon spaces.

The panels they suspended about 8 inches off the wall. White Coroplast was placed behind the panels to reflect the up lighting better. Omez Bar Lights they used to up light from behind the set.

They were able to create some great looks utilizing the up lights from behind and lighting from the front.

You can download the Sketchup file here.

2014-08-29 17.47.30 2014-09-06 14.28.04 2014-10-12 11.14.24 2014-10-12 11.14.50 2015-09-25 10.33.18 16375_10204720913607014_8630316412765295154_n 1015984_10204720918047125_6719613913403375349_o 10390478_10204720914887046_9094275770561218826_n 10448232_10205228459735350_5371423321925943302_n 10454917_10204720916847095_8196719589190952534_n 10538542_10204720916647090_2828459028624795908_n 10556361_10204720912646990_6885277842154177573_n 10612760_10204720917807119_97161859885698574_n 10626489_10204720916127077_6126927113728759967_n 10636409_10204720915687066_1535109039761277025_o 10659266_10204720912846995_4932730099931197004_n 10660380_10204720912806994_3778542589379826774_n 10671358_10204720917487111_2779841172971055202_n 10671437_10204720916407084_677320119253179011_n 10690012_10204720914447035_6033719275883293489_n 10690080_10204720917247105_1057593610427564494_n 10697300_10204720915047050_1209665744264711723_o 10703606_10204720915327057_1933956082017971942_n 10704023_10204720914247030_6547365560043463403_n 10708518_10204720913807019_1936450578262580524_o

One response to Light Wings

  1. Very neat design!
    Please how available is a CNC cutter. Is it something that can be easily purchased?

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