Light on the Pallets

Ben Staple from South Ridge Community Church in Clinton, NJ brings us this pallet/light bulb combo.

They wanted to try and use pallets since they are large, plentiful, versatile, and cheap. The pyramid structure worked best with their stage layout. They tried to use pallets that were as square as possible to keep the structure as stable possible. They asked for twice as many pallets as they would need so they could be picky with the ones they used. They saved money by reusing the triple socket cord kit from a previous design and got some cheap bulbs from Lowes. The pallets went up in about 4 hours with 2 guys, and the light install took about another 4 hours by another person.

Pallets-01 Pallets-02 Pallets-03 Pallets-05 Pallets-06 Pallets-08 Pallets-09 Pallets-10 Pallets-11 Pallets-12

2 responses to Light on the Pallets

  1. What was used to secure pallets to one another for stability? Were they just screwed together or were something like L brackets utilized?

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