Light Fingers

Chase Glisson from Anchor Faith Church in St. Augustine, FL brings us this cool LED rope light design.

They used 12 LED rope lights and 42 LED puck lights to create their stage. They first had to build a metal stud wall that was 28×20 feet to hang all the fixtures from and hide the cords. Then they attached the LED rope lights and programmed them.

26 responses to Light Fingers

  1. Could you give a link to the specific rope lighting and puck lighting you used?

  2. Hey there, did you add anything on top of the lights? like frosted acrylic or something so you dont see the individual leds?

    also are the power packs for the decoder units?

  3. Did you have to purchase multiple Decoders to power all the different strips?

  4. Hi! Love the design! I bought some of the puck lights to test them out on our stage. I’m having some trouble patching them into our digital light controller (we use a Martin controller). Have any suggestions, or explanation how you patched them in? I’m good with the dip switches and addressing, it’s just the profile in which you patch it – that’s where I think I’m missing something. Thanks for any help you can give!

  5. With the power supplies, did you just cut the connector off and attach the stripped wires to the terminal on the decoder?

  6. Is there any chance of seeing these in action on video?

  7. Vinícius Sena May 15, 2018 at 10:35 am

    What kind of material was use to the structure? wood?

  8. Hey is it possible to get the specifications of the build?

    That would be amazing!

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