Adam Woodman from New Hope Community Church in London, Ontario brings us these recreations of my childhood.

They created these boxed from colorful Coroplast. They made the connecting tops out of Christmas cookie tines they bought at a dollar store. They took samples of the Coroplast to Home Depot to get the paint color perfectly matched for painting the tins.

At the end of the series, they had a Lego building at the front of the church and invited people to come take a piece as a reminder of their being vitally connected in the church community.

They also made a couple of “public” Lego tables in their church lobby for people to play/build over the course of the Connect series.

11 responses to Lego

  1. Absolutely love it! It’s a childhood dream!

  2. I let the idea of this design. Do you have any other pictures of the whole set or your other lego buildings? I’d like to see more of how everything is put together. Thanks

    The primary colors of the par cans are a nice tie in as well!

  3. I have a friend who is obsessed with Legos. I showed this to him and he went crazy for it! Love it!

  4. How did they build the legos? What were the dimensions? Love this idea!

  5. Hi Adam,
    Great Job! I’m just up the road in Cambridge Ontario. Do you still have the lego set? I’d love to chat if possible.

    Again… extremely creative and a great series idea too!

    Graham from Calvary Cambridge

  6. Hey thanks, I’m glad you got a kick out of the Lego idea. I think this was our last stage design before stumbling upon this great CSDI site.

    I believe the dimensions were just short of a 4×8′ sheet of coroplast (the largest faces of each brick are really just one big sheet folded) – so the dimple face would be just over 2′ and the sides would be just under 2′.

    I can send you more photos if you email me at

    Hey Graham, I was at your church a little while ago for the Reconnect conference…very nice work you guys are doing! We unfortunately don’t have the entire Lego set…we’ve repurposed most of it and have only kept that one big, blue piece.

    Still love to chat…

    • Love the legos, I was looking for ways to depict the concept of connection when I found your stage design page. Great idea! What was the source for the cloroplast? And how did you adhere pieces together to form the bricks? thanks!

  7. I made some Lego bricks for a vbs this last July and we build a robot! This is my blog:
    There are some pictures.
    The kids really enjoyed to play with the big Lego bricks
    The theme of the vbs was : put the pieces together, build a relationship with God.

  8. I was wondering if you had any step by step instructions with pics as to how you built these.

  9. What adhesive did you use to stick all four sides together and the cookie tin to the coroplast?

    • Clear tape on the inside corners work. Coroplast can be scored (cut through the first layer) and then bent. Make sense? This will keep it together. My version of this post wasn’t very solid to be honest. The picture above looks wayyyyy better than what we did :)

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