Legacy Letters

Jeremy McNeice from East Bartlesville Christian Church in Bartlesville, OK brings us this stage design for a series on the book of Malachi.

The letters were cut out of one sheet of 3/4″ mdf. The lights on the letters were old C9 white Christmas lights. Jeremy used 6″ aluminum flashing around the letters to give it depth and a 3d effect. Altogether, the letters cost $52 between plywood, aluminum flashing, and spray paint.

The panels on the back wall were 9’x3′ & 11’x3′ frames of 2×4’s (leftovers from their last setup using yarn). The horizontal slats were white felt strips—6″ tall. Jeremy wanted to use posterboard or something that would have been more rigid, but it wouldnt have been wide enough. The felt worked fantastic and absorbed the light, as he was hoping it would. He spent $13 on felt at Hobby Lobby.

The legacy letters were run to a dimmer box that he made a few years ago on the side of the stage. They dim it a bit more for their traditional service. The slat panels were lit by 4 Chauvet SlimPar 56’s.

As far as inspiration, for the slat panels it was Ben Murray’s Floating Lines. For the letters, it was Zach Lee’s Vegas Letter.

Photo Oct 05, 11 28 40 AM

Photo Oct 08, 10 45 10 AM

Photo Sep 19, 11 12 23 AM

Photo Sep 25, 3 05 49 PM

Photo Sep 25, 10 32 10 AM (1)

Photo Sep 26, 2 28 21 PM (1)

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  1. what did you cover the legacy letters with? what size were the letters

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