LED Rectangles

Jessica Soccorssi, Scott LeBeau, Alex Runyan from New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado brings us this great arrangement of LED tape.


IMG_7327 IMG_7331 IMG_7345

13 responses to LED Rectangles

  1. This is gorgeous – super-clean and interesting! Question: what did you attach the strips to — I see that you’re hanging them.

    I’m inspired :-)

  2. Could you give some specs about how you wired and connected the LED tape light together and ran it into your system?

    • They are 4×4, 5×7, 8×8, 2×10, and 10×10. Our stage is huge so we need to build things large to fill the space. Our power source is either 100 watt transformer or 150 depending on the size and how many runs we were making. The LED are 7 bucks for a 16 foot strand. The challenge is, the LED can only go 16 feet. The wire within the strip can not take the load. Looking at the 4×4. We cut each corner off and the soldered them to make the connection. With us hanging them any where from 4 feet to 22 feet from the truss above we ran a 4 line cable (power common, red, green, blue) down the cable. This was then soldered to the strip. The other end went into a 512 decoder (which cost 25 dollars). From there we converted 3 pin to 5 pin and ran them to the console. I just ran a simple RGB patch. From there we tested them to make sure we had full control. We have now added additional squares. We have 24 that we now completely control.

  3. I agree with Mark and have the same question as Andrew. Thanks in advance!

  4. see above reply

  5. Are you using anything to diffuse the LED strips? They looked diffused rather than being able to see each individual LED in the strip. I’ve been looking for an inexpensive way to do that.

    • No, we are running the strip straight. I don’t generally run them at 100%. Many times we start around 15 or 20 and then on a big build take them up in value.

  6. Are you using a hazer?

  7. Yes, we are running a DF50.

  8. It’s awesome to see Cory Asbury leading.

  9. What program are you using to control the lights. I’m using Jands Vista with a generic RGB patch but can’t get control of them.

    • We run Martin thru our whole campus. From MPC, up to the M6. Just like you we patched in as a RGB. Going into your node there should be four wire. White is the power to the strip, and then RGB for the color mixing. If you need email me at slebeau@newlifechurch.org, and we can get together on a call or FaceTime to see if we can figure it out together.

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