LED Drops

The team at Central Church Miami in Miami, FL contacted LightPixel Designs to help them redesign their stage and help make it more modern with the use of LEDs.

They designed and provided the following set for them. The total installation only took half a day.

Equipment Used:
3 – LightPixel Designs Pixlar RGB (27ch DMX controller)
12 – Pixlar 1000 (1-meter-long RGB profile with diffusion)
14 – Pixlar 1500 (1.5-meter-long RGB profile with diffusion)
52 – Mounting Screws
26 – LightPixel Designs RJ45 Couplers
Various lengths of RJ45 Patch Cables
3M Command Strips

Project Details:
The back wall was divided equally to make the spacing between each strip equal, making installation easy. The spots for each strip were marked with tape and then, using a level, the strips were mounted to the wall. The strips will hold up with just command strips, but due to the humidity they chose to reinforce it with two small screws – one in the top and one in the bottom. The strips already have the mounting holes for the screws to go into. To save money, the command strips could have been omitted and screws could just be used.

After the strips were on the wall, it was just a matter of connecting them with RJ45 patch cable. One end goes right to the strip using a coupler while the other plugs directly into the controller. The controller has an optional power supply built in and is addressable to any value using an on board LCD menu.

Their goal with all of their products is to make it as simple as possible, which is why they use RJ45 patch cable eliminating screw terminals, soldering, and crimping. They also got rid of the DIP switches making it super simple to set the address using an on board LCD screen.

They provided the client with the rendering below as well as the instructions on how to assembly it.

The Pixlar RGB pictured here is a high density RGB profile. It features their signature RJ45 already attached, which can be adapted for any controller you may already own. Each unit comes in standard sizes such as 0.5m, 1m, and 1.5m; they can also make custom sizes if required. Each strip features 72 RGB 5050 LEDs per meter and runs off 12v.

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender1 IMG_3982 IMG_4001 IMG_4021 IMG_4193 IMG_40011 IMG_40211 IMG_41931 Rendering

6 responses to LED Drops

  1. Charles Thompson June 9, 2016 at 1:38 pm

    Where were the pixlar 1000 and 1500 purchased?

  2. Can u post a link of where to buy the lights?

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