Layers and Towers

Jordan Messer from Mountain Ridge Church in Glendale, AZ brings us this simple and beautiful set design.

They were wanting to use Coroplast. That material was something they had never used before plus had a sweet hook up from a friend that gave it to them for free. The sheets come 8′ x 4′ and they knew they wanted to make vertical cubes out of them so they scored the Coroplast with a pizza cutter every 12″ long ways 3 times and started forming a cube shape from the score lines, making 12″ x 12″ cubes that stood up to be 8″ tall. They wanted them to make an even bigger statement so they built 24″ tall boxes out of plywood, painted them black and placed a Q70 inside the cube for light. They also made holes on the top of the box and backside of the box for power and DMX cables to flow in and out very easy.

Then they took PVC and cut them into 40″ lengths. Making vertical wood braces on the walls they simply placed screws halfway in leaving enough screw sticking out for the PVC to rest on. The PVC bars were up lit with light bars.

They completed this set for $200.

pic-1-stage stage-PIC-2 stage-pic-3 stage-pic-4 stage-pic5

17 responses to Layers and Towers

  1. Smart design. Super simple but modern. Well done guys.

  2. Looks great. What size pipe did you use?

  3. Really great design…hardly will anyone immediately imagine it this easy to build!

  4. What are the light bars for the pvc?

  5. Hello where did you get the coroplast? I go to a church here in phoenix az and we are getting ready to redo our stage and are looking for a good deal on coroplast to make budget. Any info would be helpful.

  6. 1) What size is the PVC?
    2) Are the towers attached to the back 2×4 frame or are they freestanding? Are they attached with a standard screw/washer?


    • I think the PVC was .50″ the coroplast is free standing.. 1′ X 1′ square cube and they sat snug inside a 2×6 X 14″ length square wood frame that was built also for the q70 lights to sit inside. So you couldn’t actually see the light fixture through the coroplast

      • Can you explain the dimensions of the wood frame of the light tower and how you sat the q70 lights inside? As well as where you put the holes for the lighting power and DMX.

  7. The towers are cool… did you use white coroplast or natural?

  8. Elizabeth Travis August 31, 2016 at 9:42 am

    How did you attach the coroplast to itself to make the cube?

  9. Would the Solena Max Par 70 work as a substitute for the Q70?

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