Kristine Corona and her team at Victory University Belt in Manila, Philippines brings us this Instalove stage design and series idea.

They used a couple gimmicks to engineer the atmosphere and experience.

1. To create buzz, two weeks before the series started they had a doodle contest for the students.
2. The students from different universities also created campus art to welcome the first timers in their school.
3. 15 minutes before the service, they had photographers going around and taking pictures with vintage frames.
4. They also had a photo canvas with instagram pictures on the hallways, on the ceilings of the mall where their church is located.
5. For the special number, they also made props.
6. Lastly, the stage design. The body of the camera was made from styro, glass for the lens effect, day light for the flash, and car stickers for the coloured panels on the sides.

72930_570028703007468_724468343_n 531757_552354408116378_1669824266_n 537026_10200157471311955_1834808118_n 644307_10151472988810148_1312202327_n caloocan campus art doodle contest winner insta frames picture mall photocanvas special number sunday title youth

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  1. This is too cool!

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