In Front of a Crescent Moon

Steven Hall from Linger Conference in Dallas, TX brings us this great use of ModScenes.

From Steven:

I got the privilege of being able to design the scenic for the 2015 Linger Conference. The event was hosted at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship in Dallas, TX. This awesome event focuses on creating an atmosphere where we can Linger in God’s presence. With that, the visual design was very earthy and simple. There wasn’t a ton of movement, or changes but the team created wide brush strokes of art that matched the moments perfectly.

We used 150 Crescent Moon panels from Mod Scenes. The Mod Scene Panels are CNC cut out of Fire Rated coroplast. This makes them safe to use onstage, and like normal coroplast, they are super reflective.

We used the panels to frame a large front projection screen that Bent Tree Bible Fellowship uses on a weekly basis. All of the Mod Scene panels were hung from Pipe and Drape poles that we covered in black gaff tape. Taping these pipes was easily the most time consuming part of our setup. Once we landed on positioning and the exact layout, It took our team of 3 people 4.5 hours to build all the scenic.

The team at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship did a great job lighting the set. They used Martin Mac Quantum Washes and profiles to light the scenic.

The scenic also acted as an element to hide the monitor position. It allowed the team’s monitor tech to see onstage and make changes, but also stay hidden from attendees.

The scenic was rented for the conference. To purchase a set this size would be $3,300. The set ended up being pretty economical for such a large space. The Fire Rated coroplast material was also a huge plus for this application.

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4 responses to In Front of a Crescent Moon

  1. To rent it’s still $2,175 for that amount of panels. Unless a panel is a pack of 4 like they sell them in. In that case it would cost $543.75. THAT would be a great deal but I think it’s the first number. I feel like if that was me I’d just buy them and use them for other designs. Worth the extra $1000 IMO.

    Also, those Martin fixtures are $6000 EACH and that’s if you get them used.
    Really great design, love the huge screen. Wish I could figure out a good way to scale that to the budget of a mid-size church. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Chris,

    It is $2175 to rent that amount of panels. Most people just purchase for that reason. The Martin fixtures were awesome! The being said they are expensive. We normally use cheap $200 leds to light the panels and they work great.


  3. Steven,

    Do you remember what kind of projectors were being used for this set up?


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