Pip Bickford from CrossPointe Community Church in Wayne, MI brings us this Christmas design for their concert entitled “Illuminate”.

To create a design that emphasized light, he started by asking church members to bring lamps from home. They bought about fifty 40w light bulbs so all the lamps would be consistent and patched them all through their light board so they could dim the lamps.

The giant “Illuminate” letters were made out of foam sheathing used for insulation. When people walked in the room was dark with blacklights lighting up the “Illuminate” letters.

The only things they bought were sheathing and white paint ($100 in total).

3 responses to Illuminate

  1. love the design. how did you build the set, especially the cross and balcony?

    • that was all existing stage. The cross is a brass cross in our baptismal pool. The “balcony” is our old choir risers. They have since been torn out and the stage has been leveled to give us more flexibility with portable stage risers.


  2. how did you cut the foam sheathing so cleanly? And how did you paint the letters?

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