Ice Pillars

Candace Shropshire from Fellowship Church at Granite Bay in Granite Bay, CA brings us this towers of ice pillars.

They “wrinkled” 20-foot lengths of aluminum screening and hung them from their truss. Then they shot them with blue gelled Par 64 cans.

They had several fake Christmas trees from years past, and some families allowed them to borrow others, to create a little “forest” along the back. They used batting (used for pillows or quilts) to create snow on the trees.

They made a manger from reclaimed lumber. Then they shot it with yellow and violet light from Par 64 cans.

Finally, they finished it off with some “fog” from a dry ice fog machine.

Total cost of $150 for screening and batting. The rest of the props were borrowed or built from used material.

3 responses to Ice Pillars

  1. Sharon Mitchell March 7, 2012 at 6:08 am

    This is very beautiful!!!

  2. Are the trees flocked or did they use something to give the snowy effect on the trees? Did it stay or fall off

  3. Love the icy-look to the pillars. Is that like the aluminum screening you can get at home depot?

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