Hope Between Towers

Luke Lampard from Saanich Baptist Church in Victoria B.C. brings us these Ikea table towers and the illuminated sign.

This design was for their Easter services this year and will be left up now for the remainder of the summer. Luke got the ideas from CSDI, but more specifically KW Christian Fellowship’s stage design called Table Boxes. For Easter, they wanted to have lots of color and light, so when he saw these table boxes he thought that it would be awesome to try to incorporate LED lights so they could change the colors. They used 22 IKEA end tables purchased online and delivered for less than $400. The LED strip lighting was purchased by an electrician at their church through a company in China. They purchased 10 metres of lights for approximately $80.

For the HOPE letters, Luke purchased 2 3/4 inch MDF Sheets and had the letters cut out by a CNC machine. The most challenging part of the job was dressing the tables with fabric. But once they got a system down it went pretty smoothly. There was a lot of electrical work that went on behind the scenes, but for the most part it was fairly straight forward. The total cost was under $1000 after light bulbs, sockets, fabric, and staples (a lot of staples) were purchased.

IMG_7035 IMG_7080 IMG_7085 IMG_7095 IMG_7118

4 responses to Hope Between Towers

  1. Hey Guys
    This is an awesome Vintage Sign. Do you know how tall the letter’s were? I’d LOVE to hear back from you. God Bless

    • Hey
      The Letters were 48 inches.

      • Michael Harris March 6, 2018 at 2:23 pm

        Hey Luke, what kind of lighting was on the letters? Were those lights color changing as well? The pictures above look like the letters have a red tint. Is that the light bulbs, paint on the letters, or just the lighting of the picture.

  2. How did u get the letters to stand?

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