Homemade Pallets

Todd Bougher at The Rock Family Worship Center in Alabama brings us these very cool wood elements for your stage.

Todd was intrigued by putting pallets on his stage, but they didn’t match his size requirement and they were very heavy. So he used some lighter materials like 1/4″ sanded plywood and elements from real pallets to create his own.

He taped off and painted white strips on the faces of the pallets to catch lighting. The center pallet has a projector aimed at it so they can project a motion logo for whatever ministry is using that room. It can also get motion graphics projected onto it during worship.

(No video mapping needed was used but it would be a great option.)

5 responses to Homemade Pallets

  1. Looks cool. Do you happen to have any shots of when you were image projecting onto the center pallet?

  2. This is cool! I like the functionality of it. Use it as a cool looking back drop AND a projection surface! Can you give a rough materials list and a ball park $$ amount?

    How wide is the finished product? I have a 40 foot wide stage I’m trying to fill.

  3. agreeing with Brandon, this is FANTASTIC.. Would love to find out more.

  4. I think this is really great. Would love to know the total dimensions and prices for the project though!

  5. Hey guys the width of set is a little over 50′ (sides angle).The center is a 10’x10′ and sides are 6’x10′. Spent under $500. I’ll see if I can get some video of it on vimeo. I have some in my phone. Email me if you are interested: tbougherdesign@hotmail. Check: Todd-design.blogspot.com

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