Holey Stage Backdrop

The Central Production Team from Christ’s Church of the Valley in Peoria, AZ brings us these nice walls filled with holes.

This stage design was from the “Encounters” and “Man Up” series. The collision of natural and industrial materials created a steampunk vibe, which was enhanced by accent pieces such as gunmetal-colored chairs. With four multi-site campuses, CCV strives to maintain consistency between multiple locations by deriving all set designs for multi-sites from the main Peoria campus. Each campus has the materials created at Peoria, scaled-to-size, then sent out for assembly to each multi-site.

The budget for this set for all 5 campuses was around $8,000. This set, comprised mostly of panels and LED lighting, demanded some creativity and muscle to construct. Each panel was free-standing and made from metal pipes, corrugated metal, and wood panels.

First, the metal pipes were constructed to allow the structure to stand on four “legs” (see photo). Second, small holes were drilled into the corrugated metal to hang from the metal piping. Third, the wood panels were wallpapered and drilled, then hung from the metal pipes in front of the corrugated metal. LED strips were placed on the floor in front and alongside each panel, allowing light to pass through the drilled holes onto the corrugated metal. This produced aesthetic depth to each panel.

Each wood panel was wallpapered with a faux walnut wood pattern. The panels were stacked, plotted, and drilled by hand. Around 4,000 holes were drilled into 26 panels. Another component to this stage design was the incorporation of a third projection screen. To enhance this element, lighting trusses were attached to the screen. The rented middle screen (30’ x 10’) was showcased using a Go-Pro attached to the end of a microphone during a live performance. The Go-Pro/Screen combination was also featured during a performance by the Simply Three string trio (photo provided). The Go-Pro captured their performance, projected it onto the large middle screen, then streamed video to all campuses.

Easter Revised Set Pieces image


photo 5.JPG

Set Desgin Photo

Set Design Photo 4

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