His Banners Over Me

This design comes to us from Angela Yee at University Covenant Church in Davis, California.

To create this design, Angela and her team staggered colorful, swirly banners hung above the stage. To keep the printed vinyl banner from curling, Angela sowed the edges and put pipes at the top and bottom of the banners in pockets. Check out Angela’s blog post on the process for tons of details and tricks they learned while creating this stage.

6 responses to His Banners Over Me

  1. where did you get your swirly banners?

  2. Got the EPS artwork from istockphoto and I used the artwork to make banners in Adobe Illustrator, which I then sent to a banner maker.

  3. Hello Angela, This was a wonderfully-clever idea! I am so impressed! Our church, Faith Family Chattanooga, has a smaller sanctuary, but I am going to approach my Pastor very soon about this banner idea, because it looks beautiful and could fit into our budget very easy! What makes it even easier is that I am the team leader of our Media Ministry, and I own my own graphic design and printing company, so I can get banners at a great cost. Please also let people know that I would love to provide my banner designs or printing banners for great prices, ecspecially for churches!!! Please give me a call at 1-877-591-5551. I would love to email you about this idea to get more insight from you! Thank you for your creativity, ALL glory to God!

  4. to design such banners using photoshop hw do i go bout the sizes, dpi? also if i’m to design a large banner say 19ft by 10ft, hw do i go bout it.


    • If you make banners or large images to print large scale always go 300-600dpi billboards are 300-600 DPI for beat quality

  5. WOW! Those colors are so vibrant, love the layered effect. Really nicely done…

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