Hipster Ceiling Tiles

Art Carabes from Iglesia Townwood in Houston, TX brings us another great use of Mio products.

They have a small stage and an even smaller budget…but they wanted to change up the stage. So they bought some Mio Ceiling Tiles. They made frames out of (14) 2x2x8 pieces of wood to fit four panels each.┬áHe spray painted them black and stapled the panels to the front of the frames. The two side frames leaned against the wall, and the one across the drums was fastened with screws.

To light the set they used 4 LED Par 64’s and 2 Martin Mac250 Entours. The set, minus the lighting, cost 110 dollars to build.

5 responses to Hipster Ceiling Tiles

  1. Wow. What a great design! Simple yet stinkin awesome. Great job!

  2. I am a little upset that you used those before I could! Nice set!

  3. really cool design,the ceiling tiles is a very smart but striking idea

  4. Hello, do these tiles help with sound proofing? Also, was wondering if you have done it on a larger scale yet. Thanks!

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